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Why a cloud-based fundraising CRM is the perfect work from anywhere tool

Remember the days when you could chat to a colleague as you walked past their desk? Or corner them by the coffee machine?

Good times.

Today, of course it all works a little differently. But thanks to the wonders of modern technology, homeworking is now remote working – and there’s no shortage of tools to help you stay connected with your colleagues. thankQ CRM is the perfect accessory for any remote fundraising team. Why?

Let’s start with logistics:

In today’s world, the biggest perk of a cloud-based fundraising CRM like thankQ is that you can work from basically anywhere. Whether your team is on lockdown or back in the office (or maybe the idea of remote working just stuck?) as long as they have a computer, they have access to all your donor information and data. With no extra software to download or install, it’s easy to keep your team working in and beyond a lockdown. Cloud-based software also removes the need for shared spreadsheets and email files – and with automatic security updates, software upgrades, backups, and enterprise-level security you know your data is safely stored in one central place. Not spread across email accounts, desktops, and Google Drives!

Then get to work:

We’re sorry if you were planning on having some time-off, but with thankQ on your team, not only can work continue, you’ve got everything you need to get to grips with digital fundraising. You’ll be pleased to hear that thankQ CRM integrates with a whole range of products and services. From Microsoft Office to MailChimp, and more, not only can you segment, create, and manage donor communications through your cloud-based CRM, thankQ will even double-check for donor consent! Of course, all your activity is logged – so keeping track of donor relationships, campaign, and event communications is easy.

Once you’ve got your message out there, you can import/capture donor information and insights from your website, MailChimp, and social media (to name a few). Real-time reporting makes it easy to track campaign activity – giving you the information you need to make quick decisions, maximize donations, and supporter engagement. Don’t worry if you’re not very technical. It’s easy to set-up and run automated insights so you’ve got the data you need to make evidence-based decisions for the future. And of course, if you need to share that data, you can give your team access to let them complete specific tasks, see live reports, and collaborate – no matter where they are!

Together we can give your team the time to do more:

With thankQ what you see really is what you get. With over 20 years’ experience in the nonprofit sector, our tools have been designed with YOUR needs in mind. We want to make it quick and easy for you to deliver on key tasks so that your team can do more of what they do best.


thankQ CRM is the perfect work from home accessory that will keep your team connected.  Contact us to set up your personalized demo.