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Silver linings and positive practices

With COVID-19 and stories of furloughs and funding voids at every turn, it can be hard to stay positive. Indeed, as another week of lockdown ends, the silver-linings might seem hard to find. But they ARE there, and we want to use this post to remind you of the positive practices that could – and already are – emerging from this global pandemic. Yes, we live in challenging times. But we are strong, and we will get through this. Who knows? We might even be better for it.

In what is now the world’s largest experiment in working from home, virtual teams are looking to shift the status quo. Where many organizations were bound to the traditions of 9-5 office life, the corona crisis has forced the box wide open. Could this be the start of a new normal? Imagine a working world that’s open to remote options, and employees enjoying the freedom and work/life balance this move would bring.

Of course, with a virtual world comes an absolute need to come to grips with all things digital. For some nonprofits, digital fundraising might not be something they are comfortable doing – with specialist skill sets a notable shortage for many organizations. People won’t become experts overnight, but with community events cancelled, digital fundraising is not only our present, it is our future. The current environment shows organizations experimenting with a host of weird and wonderful virtual events, some of which are bound to stick. You might even find your next big thing!

With everyone in lock down, no one had any time to plan. There was no choice but to be flexible. To try new things. It might be daunting, but for those that can be risk averse and a little too comfortable with ‘business as usual’ it’s no bad thing. And it isn’t just nonprofits that are becoming more flexible and creative, donors are too – Red Nose Day went virtual this year and a quick glance at social media outlets showed just how much fun supporters had!

It is also heart-warming to see a surge of philanthropic activity sweeping the nation. From volunteer networks to emergency funds, corporate funds, and matched funds – individuals, businesses and grant-giving bodies are coming together to show support in this time of crisis. Whether it will be enough to counter its losses is to be seen. But as stakeholders recognize the scale of the crisis, perhaps there’s an opportunity in the making. With philanthropy more important than ever before, could these next few months mark the start of a new conversation – one that brings an important versatility to the fundraising landscape?

Only time will tell. We have come a long way these last few weeks, but there are still a lot of uncertainties to face. Of all the storms nonprofits have weathered, this is the worst. We will be lucky if it’s the last. But if we can do this – and we will ­do this – then the sector will have built a new set of survival skills.

We might not want to return to business as usual. More resilient than ever, maybe this is our chance to break the mold and carve a new way forward?

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