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Pandemic fundraising. The fundamentals still apply.

Nonprofits have been through a lot these past few months, and so have their fundraisers! We are in uncharted territory and navigating a new path can feel terrifying. But this is no time for a doubting our confidence. We might be in the midst of a pandemic, but the fundamentals of fundraising haven’t changed. You are a professional. You know how to fundraise, and those skills will never leave you. So, take a deep breath and:

Think relationships 

Fundraising is about relationships. It doesn’t matter if it’s with an individual giver, volunteer, or major donor. You need to invest in each one. And remember, they work both ways. Asking for money isn’t a relationship. It’s a transaction. Be human and take the time to build human relationships. It pays off in dividends!

Lessons for a COVID world: Strong relationships will withstand the pandemic – and if you’ve checked in on yours, they will be even stronger than before! The perfect building block for pandemic fundraising. 

Use your data

A picture tells a thousand words, but a good fundraising CRM tells you everything you need to know. Data is the key to understanding your donors – who they are, how, and why they give. Unlock yours and build data-driven strategies that target donors at their most generous. Without data, you are working in the dark. And now more than ever you need clarity for the future.

Lessons for a COVID world: We might be in a pandemic, but your data isn’t going anywhere. If you’re looking to develop new campaigns, digital fundraising technologies, and events, look at what worked and what hasn’t. Learn from the past and focus on the channels with valid growth potential. 

Inspire, don’t persuade

Everyone gives for a reason, and that reason should be clear to see. Good, strong content that showcases real stories and real impact is key. Use your data to create a donor portrait and develop campaign content and messages that inspire action – and don’t be afraid to find new technologies and other ways to share your story.

Lessons for a COVID world: Necessity is the mother of invention, and when we look back at the nonprofit world’s response to the COVID crisis, I think we’ll be proud of the campaigns created. Harness this creativity.

Get ready to ask 

The most loaded term in fundraising, you will be surprised how many people don’t. Whenever and wherever you are, always keep ‘the ask’ in mind. Not to advocate pestering, let your relationships guide you. Get to know your donors, find out what they’re thinking and tailor your ask accordingly.

Lessons for a COVID world: In or just after – a global pandemic feels awkward, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ask. Asking is essential. Especially now. So be open about your needs and ask your donors to be part of the solution.  

Play the long game 

From the moment a donation is made, you are taking donors on a journey – one designed to maximize lifetime value. You should always be thinking forwards, looking to mitigate threats, strengthen weaknesses, and leverage new opportunities. It’s hard to imagine life beyond the lockdown, but we will get there. Get ready to play the long game.

Lessons for a COVID world: Yes, this year’s strategy is out the window. That doesn’t invalidate it. Use it as a basis. Gather information, assess the situation, and evolve your plan to different scenarios. Track your progress and work with donors and supporters to forge a new path.

Remember. You have fundraised before and you will fundraise again. Yes, it’s going to be tough. But when was fundraising ever easy? Trust yourself. You’ve got this.

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