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Mobile CRM on the Go

Mobile devices have become an integral part of our everyday lives, allowing us to micro task without a second thought. For fundraisers, that means that your donors are very much at home with the idea of using their phone to transact. This has resulted in the advent of mobile fundraising channels (such as giving websites and SMS donations) which have proved to be cost-effective and user-friendly methods of generating funds. Your constituents are now viewing and renewing their membership information, logging into their account, and conversing on professional forums−all from their mobile device.

This begs the question: your audience is mobile, shouldn’t you be too? In today’s world, fundraising professionals need to access their information and carry out tasks outside of the office. Imagine if you could access your fundraising CRM system on the move: make a change to a campaign while you’re waiting to go into your next fundraising or membership meeting; look to see what clients or supporters are in the area where you’re traveling; monitor social media comments; send out a carefully crafted email; review your membership reports.

thankQ CRM will let you do all of that, and more, on the fly. Built using the latest mobile technologies, thankQ CRM gives nonprofits the ability to manage and control their marketing, fundraising, and membership on the go. What makes thankQ CRM so appealing is that it’s easy to use and an enabler to working on the go, creating a connected environment wherever you happen to be. What’s more, unlike mainstream mobile databases, it’s ready to use out of the box and specifically built for nonprofit organizations.

Don’t miss out just because you’re on the go. Learn how you can stay connected with thankQ CRM─contact us.