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Is your CRM holding you back?

One of the difficulties for any organization is managing growth and still keeping that personal touch. The last thing you want to worry about is hidden costs as you watch the fruits of your labor grow. The past two years of the COVID pandemic have found nonprofits feeling the pinch, and once you’ve budgeted for a project you want to be safe in the knowledge that it’s a done deal. There’s no bigger thorn in the side of a development plan than hidden extras.

Growth will always have pain points, but should it really have penalties points too?
If you’re a college or university, you want to maintain contact with your alumni, parents, volunteers, and other supporters. Each year’s graduating class become alumni and each year, they are added to your database, causing your database to grow and grow. Adding, keeping track, and updating records regularly means you can nurture and segment your data. Messages can be targeted and kept relevant, leading to more compelling communications and therefore a much higher probability of getting the required response.

Growing the contact database is something that applies to all organizations, whether a educational institution, charity, hospice, membership, government body, etc. Being able to understand your audience and connect with them on a deeper level can only happen if you have the technology to enhance your data and to capture all the conversations and interactions as you build up relationships.

Can you effectively market from your database?

If a supporter makes a donation and then never hears from you again—or you send out communications that are not relevant—they’re less likely to want to donate in the future. The same applies to membership bodies. The communication needs to be effortless and have the flow of a natural conversation to engage them—and more importantly, keep them engaged. The cost, time, and energy of gaining new supporters is high enough without having to pay a software vendor for each one that is added to the database.

It’s one thing to add new contacts to the database, it’s another to be able to effectively market from that database or generate the reports where you’re able to drill down into the detail, organize events, and projects where you can truly monitor your ROI. At the end of the day not all CRM systems are made equal and many are just glorified address books.

With thankQ CRM, organizations are never penalized for growing their database.
We allow for unlimited contacts without extra fees. We also believe that a CRM should be just that, a relationship tool, which empowers you to interact with your supporters and send them timely marketing and communications that are specific to their needs. That’s why we’ve developed a system exclusively for the nonprofit sector, where you can add new contacts and segment groups without increasing your costs. With thankQ CRM your database may grow, but your costs never will as a result.

Don’t let your growth be stunted by extra fees. Learn how your organization can flourish with thankQ CRM—contact us.