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Ways to say ‘thank you’ to your donors

Thank you. Two words that make a world of difference. It sounds pretty obvious. But you would be surprised just how many organizations don’t say thank you often enough, or worse, don’t say it at all. More than just good manners, it’s an important part of the relationship-building process. No donor should only ever hear […]

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Digital fundraising jargon at a glance

Looking to refresh your nonprofit’s digital fundraising strategy? No doubt you’ll be scanning the landscape for digital disruptions, evaluating progress against your KPIs, analyzing the CTC and CPC of your latest A/B split tests and calculating event ROIs. Sound confusing? It’s meant to. We all love to play a bit of buzzword bingo, but when […]

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How to make the most of digital events to boost your fundraising and support your communities

With the recent introduction of restrictions on social contact and the expected ongoing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s going to be increasingly important for nonprofits to find ways to engage with their supporters and to continue to raise funds. Digital and virtual fundraising events have been becoming more prevalent in the nonprofit sector in […]

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