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Leveraging Social Data for Fundraising: What, Why and How

Social data can be a vital tool for fundraisers to leverage existing data to connect with more potential donors and to create more valuable, longer lasting constituent relationships. In fact, according to NonProfit Pro’s State of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Report 2017, social media plays a role in 35% of all donations.

However, most nonprofits aren’t utilizing the power of social data to its full potential. This brief guide will walk you through:

  • – Social Data Opportunities
  • – Social Data and CRMs
  • – The Benefits of Social Data
  • – The Challenges of Social Data to Be Aware Of
  • – and the Risks of Not Embracing Social Data

Learn more about all of these topics and more in our guide, Leveraging Social Data for Fundraising: What, Why, and How.

Discover how thankQ can help you leverage social data to its full capacity with advanced web and social media integrations by requesting a demo today.